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Befriended By An Ant

Here’s a kind of funny thing that happened a few years ago.

I was working a part time job on weekends as a front desk clerk at one of the timeshare resorts. It was a rather small complex as timeshares go. It was a quiet Sunday and since the weather was quite agreeable I decided to sit on the deck just outside of the office and enjoy nature.

As I quietly sat there I happened to notice a large ant scurrying across the other side of the deck from me. I said, “Hello brother ant. Beautiful day, isn’t it?” And the ant stopped, then turned toward me. It sat still for a few moments, then took a few steps in my direction. I said, “Fear not, I am not one of those who would squash you.” The ant then retraced its steps and continued in the direction it had been traveling.

I watched it as it moved to the end of the deck and onto a low retaining wall. It soon came to a crack in the wall and stopped. Momentarily another ant, a smaller one, appeared and they both came back in my direction. When they arrived across the deck from where I was sitting, the little ant stopped but the big one came forward just like before. The little ant stayed put. Again, I spoke quietly to the ant. It moved forward again and got to within about an inch of my foot.. Then it stopped and just looked at me for awhile. I didn’t receive any communication but I had the impression that the big ant was showing the little ant that I was a trusted friend.

Suddenly the ant turned around and walked back to rejoin the little ant. They both went back to the crack in the wall and disappeared. I didn’t see either of them after that.


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