San Antonio

One summer when I was still quite young my mother and dad took my sister and I to San Antonio.

I had gotten my very own Kodak Brownie camera for Christmas and I was going to finally get to really try it out.

We visited all of the tourist spots and historic places. The Alamo, the rose window at Mission San Jose, the Chinese Sunken Gardens at Breckenridge Park, and the Buckhorn Saloon.

But the river walk appealed to me most of all. It instantly became my favorite place. We walked the entire length of it, crossed a footbridge and walked back to where we had started. After re-crossing the river we had dinner at the Casa Rio.

A few days ago I came across some of the pictures I took there with my Brownie Camera on 127 black and white Verichrome film. Some of them were considerably better than what I produce today with my fancy digital outfit.

Note: The image below is from the internet…not from my Brownie camera.


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  1. rubyjo1935 says:

    Candy and I have been there a couple of times and one night Cody , Carson , Candy and I stayed in the hotel which is said to be haunted . When Carson went into the bathroom, a door to one of the cabinets opened. He shut it and it opened again . He slunk out and said I’m not going back in there. Candy got up and went in. The same thing happened every time she shut the door it opened . When Cody shut it, it stayed shut until Candy or Carson went in . I went in and it stayed shut for me . We tested it time and again with the same results. Then the sliding door to the outside veranda slid open and when Carson would shut it, it opened back up. The same happened when Candy would shut it, but when Cody or I would shut it it stayed shut until either Candy or Carson came near it . We reported it to the people working that night and were told many reports of strange happening in that hotel . The boys were mesmerized by it. Candy and I were too.

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