When I started to school we were living on North Avenue in Woodland Heights.

I first attended Travis Elementary on Beauchamp Street, which was within walking distance of our house. In kindergarten I once was given a gold star for taking the best nap. I think that was the only award I ever received during all my years in public school.

When I was in the 3rd grade we moved across town and I went to River Oaks Elementary. I recall my first teacher there was Mrs. Warner.

After elementary I went to Lanier Junior High School and then to Lamar Senior High where I graduated in 1957.

All of those schools are still in operation and I bet they have something that we didn’t back in the 40s and 50s. Air conditioning. All we had was big pedestal fans and open windows with no screens. You can imagine what that was like in Houston with its 90 degree temperatures and 90 percent humidity?

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  1. rubyjo1935 says:

    That made me remember that we did not have air conditioning at Okay Grade School, nor at Saratoga high School . We also had no air conditioning at home . I was probably sixteen before We got a window air condoner . We did have window fans and a fan on a pedestal, but not until I was a teen ager . I remember those hot nights .

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