Staying Cool

In the 1940s and

1950s it was not only the public schools that didn’t have air conditioning. We lived in three different houses during those years and none of them had it. The first one had only small table fans, the second had a big window fan, and the third had an attic fan.

Although most businesses were air conditioned many smaller shops were not. Residential air conditioning was only enjoyed by the wealthy.

We didn’t get our first air conditioner until I was in high school and then only because my grandparents had central air and heat installed in their home and gave us their window unit.

The day it was installed in our living room the outside temperature was 95 degrees. After the installer left we each got a dining room chair and just sat in front of the unit for awhile. That cool air felt wonderful.


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2 Responses to Staying Cool

  1. Trinity says:

    Here in Switzerland, only large companies with computer rooms have air conditioning; otherwise, people just get on with the temperatures as they come. In the summer it can get up into the 90s F (30s-40s C); we just close up the flat and shut the curtains to keep it cool enough inside. The reason we don’t have widespread air-conditioning is because it is detrimental to the environment. Every time I went to the US on holidays in the past, I was sick after a few days because we went from air-conditioned hotel to mall to restaurant, blasting arctic temperatures at us… Perhaps people will begin reverting to a “no air-conditioning” policy, and history will come full circle. 😉

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