I’ve visited a number of caves over the years and as I sit here thinking about it there is one question that stands out.

That question is, “Why? Why did I go to all of those caves?”

I don’t like caves. I didn’t enjoy any of them. In fact, I was quite nervous the whole time I was in them. The idea of being far below the surface with all those tons of rock over my head gave me a case of “the willies.”

For someone who gets creeped out by caves I have gone through a lot of them. Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, Diamond Cave in Arkansas, and Cave of the Winds in Colorado. And in Texas I’ve visited Natural Bridge Caverns and Wonder Cave.

Now I will admit most of those caves were beautiful, but as I said, they were nerve wracking for me.

No more! Give me a nice and reasonably well lit nature trail through a forest and I’m happy.


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6 Responses to Caves

  1. Gabi says:

    I feel to be hugged by the earth when in a Cave. Sometimes I slept in and one I remember we played music around the fire. It is curious how the darkness awakes imagination. But I have to be honest, first time it scared me… Forest, seaside, some of us are like snake and go down, some are dolphin and swim, some others are like birds, deer, or wolves and looks for trees : ) maybe it is just that : )

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    • Louis Hart says:

      Yes, it is that. Different people like different things and that makes life so interesting. Thank you for your comment.


  2. Terra says:

    There’s a sense of safety in a cave. Which, is probably why mankind’s structures have fallen, but caves remain.


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