Galveston Roller Coaster

One of my first adventures in Galveston, but definitely not one of my favorites, involved a roller coaster called the Mountain Speedway. It was located behind the Buccaneer Hotel on Seawall Blvd.

We had gone to the beach in the afternoon and afterward had a seafood dinner at Hill’s Restaurant. By the time we finished eating the sun had set. My sister wanted to go to the amusement park just a few blocks down the street so we headed that way.

As we neared the Buccaneer we caught sight of the roller coaster with all of its dips and curves outlined with small lights. My sister, who was several years older than me, just had to ride it. My mother and dad talked it over and decided that we would all ride it.

Now I was still quite young and didn’t know what a roller coaster was. Rather than several cars hooked together the Mountain Speedway used single cars that held about six people. My sister wanted to be in the front seat, of course, so my dad rode with her. My mother and I sat in the second seat.

Nobody told me what was going to happen but as we began the tow up to the top I began getting nervous. My mother used the diversion of pointing out how pretty the neon sign at the top was. That worked until we got up there and the car was released.

We screamed down the first dip and I totally freaked. My mother had to hold her hand over my eyes while at the same time hold me tight because I was shaking like a leaf.

It was the longest and scariest couple of minutes in my life.

I never rode the Mountain Speedway again. In fact I was in my late 20s before I rode any roller coaster again…and I didn’t enjoy that time either.

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7 Responses to Galveston Roller Coaster

  1. Terra says:

    I don’t like them, either, and have decided to stop paying money to get tossed around like a Caeser Salad.

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  2. rubyjo1935 says:

    I never liked roofer coasters , but one night my friend Gladine Bollinger got on a small one at a carnival in Nashville Arkansas , and she made some remark about it not comparing to one in Oklahoma City . The man who was running the ride took offense to the remark and decided to teach us a lesson . It was the scariest ride I ever got on or off of bar none , and even when we signaled that we wanted off, he kept it going at a speed far above the regular speed . ! We were so sick, he worried we were going to have a hear attack . So we’re we . I hope he never does that to any one else , I think he lost his job over it. I would never get on another on no matter how hard my kids begged . I let them ride them , but not me !!!

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