The Eagle That Didn’t Fly

He was a golden eagle. A grand example of the species.

At least that was true from his outward appearance.

But this eagle had a secret. He had a tremendous fear of high places. The very thought of soaring far above the land and riding the winds filled him with such a dread that he would shake uncontrollably.

Just hours before his birth his mother had an unexpected encounter with some turbulent air from a nearby 747. It caused her to go into free fall and she was barely able to pull out in time to keep from hitting the ground. The experience had a major effect on her nerves. Unfortunately this was transmitted to her soon to be born eaglet.

As he grew into into adulthood and began to seek his mate this fine looking eagle found his fear of flying to be a source of great anxiety. How would the mother of his offspring react to his problem?

He found out quite soon. As they searched for the perfect place to build their nest he kept choosing spots very close to the ground. When she asked him what he had against the top of the tall pines he finally had to tell her about his phobia. After he finished she shook her head and said it was just her luck to fall in love with a penguin in eagle’s feathers.

But they adapted. She let him choose a nesting place that was on the side of a mountain. It was behind a big pine tree but on the ground. Papa eagle concluded that technically it was already high in the air so it wouldn’t be necessary for him to fly.

When they had their eaglets he became quite adept at scurrying about the floor of the forest to procure food.

His mate called him the fastest “chicken” on the earth.

Just Around The Corner

It was getting dark and he still had a couple of blocks to go before he got home. He had been late leaving work and now he was paying a price. He didn’t know why but he was apprehensive. Something didn’t feel right.

About halfway along the middle of the final block he abruptly stopped. At the corner of the building ahead something lurked. Something awful. He couldn’t see whatever it was but he knew it was there. Waiting for him.

What to do? He had to go home and there was no other way for him to get there.

Why was he so unnerved? Suddenly he knew. He’d had a horrible nightmare during the early morning hours. He had come awake with a sudden jolt, gasping for breath and shaking all over. He couldn’t remember any details but he knew he had awakened just before the nightmare had ended…so he hadn’t seen how it ended. Now he felt a knot of dread growing in his stomach. He was going to come face to face with whatever he had missed at that early morning moment.

He slowly moved closer to the corner of the building. He got so close he felt that if he tried he could probably hear whatever was waiting for him as it breathed. But he didn’t. Before he could completely lose his nerve and flee in the opposite direction he took that final step and turned to face what was waiting.

And…nothing was there.