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Bird Bloat

“Those blasted berries gave me gas!” Advertisements

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Substitute Reindeer

“I suppose asking if y’all are into flying is pointless.”

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Mechanically Challenged

“Git away from that wheelbarrow, Louie! You know you doesn’t know nothin’ bout machinery.”

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Wash Day In The 1940s

In the 1940s wash day amounted to taking a week’s worth of dirty clothes out to the garage where there was an old washing machine, complete with wringer, along with two extra tubs for rinse water. A hose from the … Continue reading

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For All Of Us Nuts Out There

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The Mysterious Muddy Splotches

He worked most of the day. Writing, editing, and polishing. Making certain he got the words just right. Finally deciding he could make no further improvements he tapped the “Publish” button and the story went live. Within minutes he received … Continue reading

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Fishing At Carancahua Reef

It was early in the morning when we pushed the rental boat away from the dock of the bait camp on Teichman Road and headed out of Offatts Bayou. My destination was Carancahua Reef in West Galveston Bay. Since the … Continue reading

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Santa’s North Pole

It’s all white and pristine snow. Sparkling ice crystals constantly send forth dancing rays of multicolored light. There’s a special energy here.  It’s invigorating.  Makes a body feel young again.  The whole place exudes joy and love.  Gentle laughter drifts … Continue reading

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A Soul Moves On

The ringing phone roused him from a deep sleep. When he answered, the voice on the other end said, “Can you hear that?” What followed was a horrible gurgling combined with the sound of an extremely labored attempt by a … Continue reading

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Deer Crossing Signs

Deer Crossing signs. I’m sure you’ve seen them. Especially when you’re driving through forests and mountainous regions. But—have you seen any deer crossing the road at one of those signs? I haven’t. No, if a deer decides to cross a … Continue reading

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