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Grandmother And The Bible

I love reading and studying the Bible. It’s my go to book when I’m sad or when I’m glad. I have my grandmother to thank for my appreciation of sacred scripture. My family lived next door to her and she … Continue reading

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It Came From The North

The day was perfect. Clear blue sky with no clouds. Warm, but not uncomfortably so. My brother-in-law and I stood out on the front deck enjoying the unobstructed view of the nearby mountains. Suddenly a movement brought both of us … Continue reading

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In The Woods

It happened in the woods. I remember it as if it took place just yesterday. My first major up close and personal experience with the unseen. It wasn’t that I had never been around trees. Houston, being only 50 miles … Continue reading

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Forlorn Highway

It’s a state road and it connects with two very busy, heavily used north/south highways.  If a traveler needs a shortcut from one of those routes to the other this road would definitely be the one to use.  Yet it … Continue reading

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Freaked Out

While we ate lunch two of us talked about mystical and psychic things. About things we had heard about, witnessed, and about personal experiences connected with the strange worlds of the unseen. There were three of us there but one … Continue reading

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Struck By Lightning

I was in the second grade and we lived in the Woodland Heights section of Houston. We occupied one side of a duplex and our grandmother lived in the other side. My sister and I were on the front porch … Continue reading

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You Shoulda Been Here Yesterday

During all of the years I lived in Houston I went fishing in various spots in Galveston Bay. More times than I can possibly remember. I was shown some of the very best places to catch fish, where the good … Continue reading

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It was back in the 1940s. There was a hurricane in the gulf and it was heading for Galveston. I can’t give the name of the storm because this was before the weather service started giving names to hurricanes. After … Continue reading

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Galveston Roller Coaster

One of my first adventures in Galveston, but definitely not one of my favorites, involved a roller coaster called the Mountain Speedway. It was located behind the Buccaneer Hotel on Seawall Blvd. We had gone to the beach in the … Continue reading

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