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Wash Day In The 1940s

In the 1940s wash day amounted to taking a week’s worth of dirty clothes out to the garage where there was an old washing machine, complete with wringer, along with two extra tubs for rinse water. A hose from the … Continue reading

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For All Of Us Nuts Out There

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Fishing At Carancahua Reef

It was early in the morning when we pushed the rental boat away from the dock of the bait camp on Teichman Road and headed out of Offatts Bayou. My destination was Carancahua Reef in West Galveston Bay. Since the … Continue reading

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Deer Crossing Signs

Deer Crossing signs. I’m sure you’ve seen them. Especially when you’re driving through forests and mountainous regions. But—have you seen any deer crossing the road at one of those signs? I haven’t. No, if a deer decides to cross a … Continue reading

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Present Future Past

So many of us constantly worry about the future. We fret continuously about what will be. Especially we fret about the bad things we think will happen. Often times by dwelling so strongly on these possibilities we generate powerful thought … Continue reading

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Ghostly Wind

The wind is moaning as it blows through the patio. I’m sitting at the computer located in the room next to that patio. It’s my favorite of the two spots where I do my writing. The curtains are drawn but … Continue reading

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Strange Time

I just glanced at the digital clock on the kitchen stove and it read “395.” And I thought that was just about the strangest time I had ever seen on a clock. Then I suddenly realized it was showing the … Continue reading

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Cosmic Secrets

Are there really secrets of the cosmos and if there are can anyone learn them? Well, it seems to me that if there are actually cosmic secrets then no one would have access to them, for they would be secret. … Continue reading

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Have you grounded your body lately? Over a period of time, due to the extremely stressful lifestyle we live, our bodies can become loaded with negative energies. This is especially so for those who live and/or work in cities. And, … Continue reading

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Good Days And Bad Days

It often feels like there is nothing as refreshing to a body and soul as having a good day. A day where everything seems right. Some of those days even come close to topping out as absolutely perfect. Bright, cloudless … Continue reading

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