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Cosmic Secrets

Are there really secrets of the cosmos and if there are can anyone learn them? Well, it seems to me that if there are actually cosmic secrets then no one would have access to them, for they would be secret. … Continue reading

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Have you grounded your body lately? Over a period of time, due to the extremely stressful lifestyle we live, our bodies can become loaded with negative energies. This is especially so for those who live and/or work in cities. And, … Continue reading

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Good Days And Bad Days

It often feels like there is nothing as refreshing to a body and soul as having a good day. A day where everything seems right. Some of those days even come close to topping out as absolutely perfect. Bright, cloudless … Continue reading

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Elusive Lake Monster

Does something strange lurk below the surface of Lake Tahoe? It’s a big, blue lake. The water is cold and deep. Very deep. In some places the bottom is over 1,600 feet below the surface. Due to icy temperatures and the … Continue reading

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From Nowhere To Somewhere

Have you ever been in a place that seemed absolutely nowhere? Where an incredible amount of nothing was going on and probably never would? Well, with just the slightest effort, maybe with one little step, you could leave nowhere and … Continue reading

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It Came From The North

The day was perfect. Clear blue sky with no clouds. Warm, but not uncomfortably so. My brother-in-law and I stood out on the front deck enjoying the unobstructed view of the nearby mountains. Suddenly a movement brought both of us … Continue reading

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Painless Facelift

Some people spend large quantities of money on plastic surgery and Botox treatments. Others smear on various kinds of makeup…often so thick it seems they must put it on with a putty knife. Yet, there is a way to greatly … Continue reading

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Defeat The Drearies

You say your head aches? You’ve got a runny nose and your ears are stopped up so bad you can’t hear yourself burp? Add to all that you got the bloat and your back hurts something terrible? You’ve taken aspirins … Continue reading

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In The Woods

It happened in the woods. I remember it as if it took place just yesterday. My first major up close and personal experience with the unseen. It wasn’t that I had never been around trees. Houston, being only 50 miles … Continue reading

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Forlorn Highway

It’s a state road and it connects with two very busy, heavily used north/south highways.  If a traveler needs a shortcut from one of those routes to the other this road would definitely be the one to use.  Yet it … Continue reading

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