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The Mysterious Muddy Splotches

He worked most of the day. Writing, editing, and polishing. Making certain he got the words just right. Finally deciding he could make no further improvements he tapped the “Publish” button and the story went live. Within minutes he received … Continue reading

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Santa’s North Pole

It’s all white and pristine snow. Sparkling ice crystals constantly send forth dancing rays of multicolored light. There’s a special energy here.  It’s invigorating.  Makes a body feel young again.  The whole place exudes joy and love.  Gentle laughter drifts … Continue reading

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A Soul Moves On

The ringing phone roused him from a deep sleep. When he answered, the voice on the other end said, “Can you hear that?” What followed was a horrible gurgling combined with the sound of an extremely labored attempt by a … Continue reading

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The Redwoods

Near the fog shrouded coast they stand. Huge and majestic, the Redwoods soar to great heights, their crowns often unseeable in the mist that hangs low in the sky. Uncounted eons ago they agreed to come here. From their beautiful … Continue reading

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Cold Surprise

He pulled off the mountain road and parked near the creek. It was late springtime and although quite a bit of snow was still on the ground the place where he had stopped was mostly clear and dry. He got … Continue reading

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The Neighbor

The neighbor across the street. Most of the people on the block didn’t seem to like him. They went out of their way to avoid talking to him. I was probably the only one in the neighborhood who was pleasant … Continue reading

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Memory Location

He stood in the middle of the kitchen, wondering why he was there. What had he gone in there for? He glanced around at the various appliances and utensils, hoping one of them would jog his memory. Nothing provided a … Continue reading

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I like weeds. They’re hardy and will grow just about anywhere. They don’t require tilling and feeding with some special fertilizer. Lots of them are good to eat and many have beautiful flowers. I don’t know why weeds got such … Continue reading

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The Dandelion Sower

The owner of the duplex hates dandelions. He considers them a blasted nuisance, spreading all over his precious lawn. He says they multiply worse than rabbits. He spends hour after hour digging them up. He tells his tenant next door … Continue reading

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