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Elusive Lake Monster

Does something strange lurk below the surface of Lake Tahoe? It’s a big, blue lake. The water is cold and deep. Very deep. In some places the bottom is over 1,600 feet below the surface. Due to icy temperatures and the … Continue reading

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Strange Light

On a bitter cold winter day, while the sky was completely overcast and snow was falling, the clouds suddenly became very dark. Almost as if the hour of midnight had arrived. Then, there appeared a large area of bright light … Continue reading

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Forlorn Highway

It’s a state road and it connects with two very busy, heavily used north/south highways.  If a traveler needs a shortcut from one of those routes to the other this road would definitely be the one to use.  Yet it … Continue reading

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The Neighbor

The neighbor across the street. Most of the people on the block didn’t seem to like him. They went out of their way to avoid talking to him. I was probably the only one in the neighborhood who was pleasant … Continue reading

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Chased By Something Unseen

It was close to sunset when Nan and I began our drive up the mountain. Part of the way up we pulled into a scenic turnout and and got out of the car to watch the sunset. The view was … Continue reading

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