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Fishing At Carancahua Reef

It was early in the morning when we pushed the rental boat away from the dock of the bait camp on Teichman Road and headed out of Offatts Bayou. My destination was Carancahua Reef in West Galveston Bay. Since the … Continue reading

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The Wind

We are the wind. Time after time we have touched every created thing on this earth. Some moments we are as soft and gentle as goose down. Other times we shriek and roar with a fierceness almost beyond belief, as … Continue reading

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Hurricane Danger

If you live on or near any of the coastal areas threatened by Hurricane Irma I urge you to pack up and get out of there immediately. This appears to be a strong and very dangerous storm. If you remain … Continue reading

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Struck By Lightning

I was in the second grade and we lived in the Woodland Heights section of Houston. We occupied one side of a duplex and our grandmother lived in the other side. My sister and I were on the front porch … Continue reading

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It was back in the 1940s. There was a hurricane in the gulf and it was heading for Galveston. I can’t give the name of the storm because this was before the weather service started giving names to hurricanes. After … Continue reading

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Staying Cool

In the 1940s and 1950s it was not only the public schools that didn’t have air conditioning. We lived in three different houses during those years and none of them had it. The first one had only small table fans, … Continue reading

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Now That Is Cold

It was very late at night when we pulled into the motel. When we got out of the car we were stunned by the intensely cold air. After we registered we walked over to our room, turned up the heat, … Continue reading

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