From Nowhere To Somewhere

Have you ever been in a place that seemed absolutely nowhere? Where an incredible amount of nothing was going on and probably never would?

Well, with just the slightest effort, maybe with one little step, you could leave nowhere and be somewhere.

And, from somewhere, if you really want to, you could take another step and end up somewhere else.

And who knows what wonders you may find there!

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It Came From The North

The day was perfect. Clear blue sky with no clouds. Warm, but not uncomfortably so. My brother-in-law and I stood out on the front deck enjoying the unobstructed view of the nearby mountains.

Suddenly a movement brought both of us out of our reverie. Above the mountains something was crossing the sky. From the north it came, a glowing blue sphere. Trailing blue flames flecked with yellow.

It slowly descended at a fairly shallow angle and we watched it until it dropped out of sight behind the mountains.

We figured we’d see something about it in the local newspaper but never a word was printed.

What did we see? It wasn’t a meteor nor was it an airplane. It didn’t crash or it would have started a rip-roaring forest fire.

Someone once said that if you see a UFO then you are involved with it. There is no doubt in my mind that a UFO is what we saw. It marked the beginning of a new level of strange happenings in my life…and they’ve never let up.

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Painless Facelift

Some people spend large quantities of money on plastic surgery and Botox treatments.

Others smear on various kinds of makeup…often so thick it seems they must put it on with a putty knife.

Yet, there is a way to greatly improve your looks that’s cheap and painless. In fact, it’s free. That makes it even more painless.

What, you are wondering, could it possibly be?

Well, it’s a little thing you do with your face. It’s called…Smiling.

A smile not only does wonders for your face, it makes you feel good and it causes others around you to feel good.

Give it a try. Smile. You’ll be glad you did.

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Defeat The Drearies

You say your head aches? You’ve got a runny nose and your ears are stopped up so bad you can’t hear yourself burp? Add to all that you got the bloat and your back hurts something terrible? You’ve taken aspirins for the headache, used up a whole box of tissues on your nose, and took something to make you burp louder but overall you still feel like something the cat dragged in? And this describes one of your better days?

Well, why not shun the pills, the gas relief glop, and all the other do-nothing remedies for awhile. Instead, limp on out to the car, groaning loudly of course, and head for an appointment with Momma Nature. I have found that sometimes even a very short commune with the fresh outdoors can accomplish more for a person than all the “wonder drugs” in the world.

If at all possible try to find a grove of trees where you can be alone. Just you and the natural world. Find a tree that seems inviting to you. Sit down and lean back against it. Maybe take off your shoes and socks and wiggle your toes in the dirt.

Try and relax your body totally. Talk to the Nature Spirits. Talk to the trees. Talk to the dirt. Talk to God. Whatever seems right for the moment. Even if you feel silly, do it anyway. Enjoy yourself and don’t worry about anything.

Breathe deeply of the fresh air. Try and feel all the pains, stress, and whatever else is bothering you begin to seep out of your body. Close your eyes and allow it to happen.

The results may surprise you.

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In The Woods

It happened in the woods. I remember it as if it took place just yesterday. My first major up close and personal experience with the unseen.

It wasn’t that I had never been around trees. Houston, being only 50 miles from the coast, had lots of rain and fog. Perfect for lush growth of all kinds of trees and plants. Heck, there were trees in our back yard. But this place was different. This was dense woods. More nearly a thicket. The parents of my best friend, who lived two houses from me, owned this undeveloped land near the banks of Buffalo Bayou and they had invited me to go there with them for a day.

When we arrived I immediately found myself in completely unexpected surroundings. As I turned slowly in a circle I saw pure, wild, unblemished Nature. All kinds and sizes of trees with a variety of other plant life covering most of the ground. I was speechless. I was thrilled. I just stood there awe-struck with my mouth hanging open. I was brought out of my daze by my friend tugging on my sleeve and telling me to follow him. He said he wanted to take me to a special place he had found. He said it was magical.

As we walked along a dim path the plant life got even more lush, for we were getting closer to the bayou. Soon, the path took a sharp turn and suddenly we were in a small clearing. It was completely surrounded by dense foliage and had an otherworldly air about it. There was what appeared to be the remains of an old wall, built out of large moss covered stones. Just behind it was a huge tree with long beards of Spanish Moss hanging down from its limbs.

Quietly we made our way over to the wall and sat on a low, flat bolder that was nearby. My friend reached down and removed his shoes and socks, indicating I should do the same. Not a word was said between us. We just sat there in silence, wiggling our bare toes in the moist earth and drinking in the atmosphere of the place…and atmosphere it most certainly had.

Suddenly, there was something very special there. I felt it arrive. I closed my eyes as it wrapped its specialness around me and held me close. I could hear occasional hints of the most beautiful music. There was an almost overpowering presence of love and caring that filled me with an incredible warmth and sense of well-being.

I don’t know how long we sat there for time seemed to stand still. Eventually we heard my friend’s mother calling for us to come and eat lunch. We opened our eyes, quickly put our socks and shoes back on, and reluctantly left that place.

What did I encounter that day in the woods? I didn’t know what it was but it touched me deeply. Soul deep in fact. I was very young, but whoever or whatever it was, I knew I liked it and wanted more.

And so, on that magical day, in that magical place, so many years ago, I took my first step on what I call my path to forever.

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Forlorn Highway

It’s a state road and it connects with two very busy, heavily used north/south highways.  If a traveler needs a shortcut from one of those routes to the other this road would definitely be the one to use.  Yet it is mostly bypassed.  Perhaps avoided would be more accurate.  So much so that weeds actually grow in the various cracks and potholes that dot the pavement.

Why is this?  Well, the road crosses some of the most forlorn, inhospitable landscape imaginable.  Just a glance at what’s along the roadside is enough to give anyone the creeps.  It looks like miles and miles of land that even the devil would shun.  Yet it seems unlikely that the dismalness of the area would alone be enough to deter the travelers of today who have in mind only to get where they are going as quickly as possible.

No, the problem with this road is something out of the ordinary.  Something mostly unseen but certainly felt exists not so very far from the western terminus of this road.  I do not know what lurks there but I have felt its effects on more than one occasion.  It gives one a definite sense of being threatened by impending evil and ultimate doom.  A bone chilling, soul deep foreboding that all is not well.

There are times when the air seems to thicken and the sunlight dims, as if some dreadful presence is hovering overhead and blocking the light.  Occasionally that presence can even be felt, as if a barrier is pushing against the car or even the driver’s physical body.

After making several trips through that zone and experiencing the utter terror that tries to possess the traveler it becomes very clear why this route is, and should continue to be, avoided.  The final time I drove on that road was so horrible and unsettling that I considered myself most fortunate to have escaped whatever is there.

I will not go that way again.  Nor will I divulge the location of the place, for to do so might encourage someone to foolishly go there to see what it’s like.  Take my word for it…you do not want that experience.

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Freaked Out

While we ate lunch two of us talked about mystical and psychic things. About things we had heard about, witnessed, and about personal experiences connected with the strange worlds of the unseen. There were three of us there but one of the men remained quiet during the conversation.

As we got up to leave I looked directly in the eyes of the quiet one and said, “I know, you are thinking right now that the things we were talking about are a bunch of bunk. That no one with any sense at all could possibly believe a person’s mind can be read by another.”

The man’s eyes widened, he took a deep breath, then he turned and walked away without saying a word.

About an hour later the guy I’d been having the discussion with telephoned me. He was laughing so hard he could hardly talk. When he was finally able to speak, he said, “You completely freaked that other guy out. What you said he was thinking about right before he left was exactly, word for word, what was going through his mind.”

After that day the man would never have lunch with us anymore.

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Struck By Lightning

I was in the second grade and we lived in the Woodland Heights section of Houston. We occupied one side of a duplex and our grandmother lived in the other side.

My sister and I were on the front porch enjoying our newest favorite pastime. The surface was very smooth concrete and we had discovered that if we wet it with water we could slide around on it with our bare feet. Although doing so generated occasional bruises and scratches we didn’t let that stop us. On that particular day, however, we were in for a surprise…truly a shocking one.

As we happily slid back and forth, laughing when one of us fell or went out of control, a bolt of lightning hit the power pole in front of the duplex. It traveled down the wires to the building where some of it jumped over to the wet porch. My sister and I both received a nasty electrical jolt.

We weren’t hurt but from that day on we never slid around on a wet front porch again.

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The Wonderful Glorious Golden Age

Back on a certain date in the year 2012 it was believed that great changes were to happen to this planet and its residents. Do you remember?

There were three schools of thought as to what would take place.

One group believed it was the beginning of a wonderful new golden age. That there would be a total overnight change in consciousness and everyone would awaken the next day with hearts so full of love that they were about to burst.

Another group thought that killer comets, massive asteroids, Planet X, or maybe all three, would succeed in bringing an end to all life on earth.

And what about the third group? Well, they basically said, “There ain’t nothing gonna change. The same old crap will be going on, just like yesterday. No change!”

Obviously, the third group was more on the right track, yet they too missed the mark. In what way, you ask, have they missed? Well, just look around you. Unless you’re in the midst of a Rip Van Winkle sleep it should be obvious that things have changed…and in many ways they have changed to something worse.

So, is it all a lost cause? Is humanity going to eventually succeed in its seemingly determined effort to extinguish itself from this planet…or is a new dawn about to break on the currently darkening horizon?

I don’t have the slightest indication as to how all of the hate and greed that the world is mired in can be cleared away, yet somehow I think it will.

Wishful thinking? Well yeah, maybe. But the alternatives sure don’t look very pretty.

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Cold Surprise

He pulled off the mountain road and parked near the creek. It was late springtime and although quite a bit of snow was still on the ground the place where he had stopped was mostly clear and dry. He got out of the car and walked over to the bank of the stream, found a comfortable looking spot, and sat down in what seemed to be a kind of depression. It was quite comfortable.

The water tumbling by was so inviting he took off his shoes and socks. Although he knew it would be cold, when he stuck his feet into the stream he was surprised. It was much colder that he had expected. Letting out a yell he immediately jerked his feet back out of the water. Although they had only been in for a few seconds they were numb with cold. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped the water off before quickly pulling his socks and shoes back on.

As he sat there shivering while waiting for his feet to thaw a second surprise was on its way. A short distance behind him was a pool of icy water that had collected and been held back by a berm of snow. That natural little dam suddenly gave way and all of the water rushed down a small gully towards him…and the comfortable depression he was sitting in was part of that gully.

The way he was sitting had caused a gap between his jeans and his bare skin. When it hit, the icy water first entered there and completely soaked his pants and the lower part of his body. He moved, and moved quickly, but too late.

Wet from the waist down and cold he got in the car and stripped off the waterlogged clothes. He found a dusty blanket in the back seat and wrapped it around his shivering skin. Then he started the car and headed home, hoping he didn’t get pulled over by a cop for any reason since it would be impossible to explain why he was driving around wearing nothing but a blanket.

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