Invisible Friends

When I was quite young I was taught about mysterious things. Things a kid of my age would normally know nothing of I would sometimes talk about. My parents would be astounded that I knew of these things for they had never spoken of them. I quickly learned it was better not to speak of such unknown things and most certainly not to say too much about my companion who taught me about them. For, you see, my companion was invisible to my parents.

At first they thought it was cute that I had made up an unseen playmate but when I started telling them some of the things he told me they quickly became uncomfortable about the idea.

I think the above scenario plays out in many children’s lives. These so-called invisible playmates are, of course, quite real and most probably parents also had them when they were children. But, alas, the years of materialism and logic have blotted those memories from their mind. How sad that truth is!

Of course, some of us never fall completely into that trap. Our consciousness remains open to such things as the unseen worlds and instead of forgetting about our childhood “friends” we add more. Nature spirits and angels become part of our unseen family. They visit us and we visit them. We learn about things that the “normal” people have no concept of.

And no one knows—unless we decide to write something about it. Then we’re often regarded as strange or weird.

Ah, but we know better.

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A Great Sniffing Sound

Instantly I was wide awake. I could sense a presence nearby. Although I was snuggled down in a warm sleeping bag and inside a tent I felt chilled to the bone. It was pitch dark and there was no sound. That was to be expected since I was spending the night in a national forest campground near Red River, New Mexico. When I had retired for the night I had been the only person there and I doubted that had changed.

Again, I felt a presence—closer than before. A darker something in the darkness of night. I lay perfectly still, scarcely breathing. Suddenly, from outside the tent wall, I heard a slight snuffling. Then came a series of great, intense sniffing sounds. Without thinking I pulled my left arm out of the sleeping bag and whacked the side of the tent with my hand. Immediately there was a surprised grunt followed by sounds of something large thrashing around and then retreating. Soon, the unbroken silence returned. The presence was gone, but needless to say, I didn’t sleep any more that night.

Not wishing to wander around in the dark, in case whatever had been out there was still lurking nearby, I waited until the morning light was strong before leaving the tent to investigate. When I got to the side of the tent where the commotion had taken place, what I didn’t find made my hair stand on end. When I had pitched the tent on the previous day I had cleaned away the pine needles, cones, and twigs from the campsite. That left about a 6 foot area of loose soil between the tent and the forest. I left distinct tracks as I walked around the tent that morning yet whatever had been there during the night had left no trace of it’s arrival or departure. No tracks. No scuffs. Nothing.

What was out there that night? I didn’t know and I wasn’t too keen on finding out. I packed up my stuff, took down the tent, and got the heck away from there.

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Footprints From Nowhere

It was a long night. I was restless and had trouble sleeping. A couple of times when I managed to doze off I was jolted awake by something. I wasn’t sure what it was but a presence seemed to be lurking about. Although there are several ghosts that come and go around my apartment whatever was around on this night was different. It seemed to be outdoors rather than inside and once I even got out of bed and looked out the window, but I saw nothing unusual.

It was just the beginning of dawn when I was again awakened. This time it was a sound. A creepy moaning noise followed by what sounded like very rusty hinges in need of a copious oiling. I lay in the bed covered by goose bumps. The sound didn’t repeat but I could feel a faint vibration. Curiosity finally got the best of me so I got up to see what I could see, which at first turned out to be not much.

Looking out the bedroom window I saw that a heavy snow had fallen during the early morning hours. As far as I could see there was a pure white and trackless landscape. Going to the window that overlooks the highway I noted that no plows had cleared the road and no cars had been been by. All was smooth and unbroken snow. This was very unusual for a major highway.

As I turned and started down the hall to the front door the vibration I was feeling momentarily increased but just as I reached the door and began to open it the vibration completely stopped. As I gazed out the door, again, all I saw was fresh, untracked snow. I was about to close the door when I happened to notice something in the snow just beyond the bottom step of the stairway that descends from my apartment to the walkway at ground level.

I quickly went down for a closer look and what I saw made me shiver. There, in the middle of otherwise trackless snow, were two small footprints. It looked as though whatever had made them had simply descended straight down from the sky. Nothing nearby or within sight had been disturbed in any way. No tracks, other than those two prints. And they were fresh. It was as if who or what was there had been snatched up just as I began to open the door. Needless to say I probably set a speed record climbing the stairs back to the apartment door.

What was this all about? As of yet I still don’t know. I’ve checked every way that it could have been done as a hoax or joke and concluded it was neither. Maybe some day I’ll know what left those prints. Maybe I’ll never know. Maybe I’d just as soon never know.

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So Much To Learn

Leaning back against the smooth boulder I am surprised at how comfortable it is. I never thought hard rock could feel soft. I notice a warmth radiating from it that nicely overcomes the chill of the early evening.

As I close my eyes and breathe in the sweet air of the mountains I hear the faint sounds of nature. Wind whispers as it blows through the nearby evergreens. Aspen leaves rustle. Somewhere far below water chuckles as it flows along.

Slowly opening my eyes I behold the grandeur of God’s creation. Majestic snow capped mountains rising up into a sunset-colored sky of brilliant oranges and reds. Dark green forests flanking the lower slopes and filling the canyon depths.

As the sunset quickly makes room for the evening sky and the first star appears I close my eyes and meditate on all that God has done. I recall the perfection of the wondrous works.

After awhile a voice whispers, “Look! Look at what else God has done.”

I open my eyes to a vast panorama of stars. They are so bright and clear I feel as if I could reach out and touch them. They twinkle and fluctuate with colors.

Selectively focusing I stretch my vision far into the night sky. I see things that are incredible distances away, yet I realize I am only seeing the physical edge of forever.

There is so much about which I know so little. The learning has only just begun.

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Present Future Past

So many of us constantly worry about the future. We fret continuously about what will be. Especially we fret about the bad things we think will happen. Often times by dwelling so strongly on these possibilities we generate powerful thought forms that actually create or at least attract the very things that are dreaded. Yes, that really can and does happen. That seems to me like a good reason to leave the possible problems of the future be. Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t have occasional goals but those shouldn’t be cast in stone.

Living in the past, as well as living in the future, can cause you to waste away your life dwelling on what could have been or what will be. If you make a mistake, learn from it and carry on with your present life. And don’t worry about what that mistake, which is now in the past, may do to your life sometime on up the road.

Each present moment in your earthly existence was your future only a previous moment before. If you don’t consciously live life in the present moment much of your future can slip by and become your past without your ever noticing it.

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Ghostly Wind

The wind is moaning as it blows through the patio.

I’m sitting at the computer located in the room next to that patio. It’s my favorite of the two spots where I do my writing. The curtains are drawn but just enough light filters through so I don’t have to turn on any lamps.

The dim, shadow-filled room coupled with the sound of the wind sharpens my sensitivity. My inner connection opens wide, ebbing and flowing, pulsing with the sound.

Today I hear ghosts. Low moaning ones. Sometimes only one or two. Other times what seems to be great hordes of wailing spirits. Shrieking.

I break out in goosebumps from head to toe. I feel creeped out. It’s a feeling I’ve had more than a few times.

Why? Oh yes, I remember why.

Ghosts have stories to offer. I know, for I have written them after previous encounters just like today.

I wonder. What will they bring me this time? Scary stuff, I’m sure. Hopefully not so scary that I awaken from nightmares and run screaming from the apartment.

The restless shades of the departed are all around.

One story I see has multiple souls caught in some kind of negative spiral or something. Other ones include graveyards, piers, and deep forests. All seem to have fog involved. It figures…fog is creepy. Oh, and a big train that appears in my back yard. I wonder how that works since I live in an apartment.

These are just preliminary thoughts and I’m already somewhat spooked.

Golly, that wind really sounds scary!

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Strange Time

I just glanced at the digital clock on the kitchen stove and it read “395.” And I thought that was just about the strangest time I had ever seen on a clock. Then I suddenly realized it was showing the temperature the oven was set on. Duh!

It’s been one of THOSE days.

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The Wind

We are the wind.

Time after time we have touched every created thing on this earth. Some moments we are as soft and gentle as goose down. Other times we shriek and roar with a fierceness almost beyond belief, as if we had a score to settle. But we do not. Our actions are largely the result of atmospheric whims. We have no evil intent.

Often we lull you to sleep with our light breeze rustling the leaves of the tree outside your window, yet we will occasionally awaken you in the middle of the night as we rattle the house with the icy blasts of winter.

We are calm, we are wild, we are part of your life. Embrace us, for we embrace you.

We are the wind.

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Cosmic Secrets

Are there really secrets of the cosmos and if there are can anyone learn them?

Well, it seems to me that if there are actually cosmic secrets then no one would have access to them, for they would be secret. At least no human could know about them because the human animal is notoriously inept at keeping secrets.

So, I would say there are no cosmic secrets. Rather there is a lack of comprehension. This is mostly because of the human trait of insisting that everything in creation must adhere to the laws of science currently in vogue. The human ego tends to demand that all things must agree with materialistic and scientific views and anything that doesn’t is bogus or impossible.

So, if there are no secrets of the cosmos, but instead unknown and misunderstood knowledge, can anyone or everyone learn these things? The answer is yes…and no.

Yes, there are those who can learn, will learn, or have already learned much advanced knowledge of the cosmos. Some will even develop the necessary wisdom to fully understand and utilize such information.

Many, however, will never come close to such things. For various reasons they will pursue other avenues in life. They may indeed have the ability to learn but for one reason or another will have no interest. And this is probably how it should be. Each of us has our own tasks to complete and complete them we will, although many will never realize they have done so.

Now, does all of this sound confusing? Well, it isn’t…and it is. I guess it depends on who is reading it.

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The Redwoods

Near the fog shrouded coast they stand. Huge and majestic, the Redwoods soar to great heights, their crowns often unseeable in the mist that hangs low in the sky.

Uncounted eons ago they agreed to come here. From their beautiful home world in a faraway galaxy they traveled to help this earth become a paradise.

Yet, like so many of us, they have been misunderstood and mistreated. Their once vast stands have fallen victim to the uncaring greed of shortsighted men.

Day and night, year after year, their great wisdom mostly untapped, they stand tall and wonder about the final outcome of it all. So much potential…mostly wasted. They are saddened by the probabilities.

And so, as the chill night wind blows through their branches, announcing the coming of yet another long winter, they silently dream of home. They wonder if the situation will ever improve here.

They sigh…and they wait.

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